WWE has recently filed for trademarks on the names of two of its top tag teams. This is a big step in making these teams’ names official. The trademarks are for “Awesome Truth” and “A-Town Down Under.” These names represent the teams of R-Truth & The Miz and Austin Theory & Grayson Waller.

The Trademark Filings

Awesome Truth

On Friday, May 31, 2024, WWE filed to trademark the name “Awesome Truth.” This team is made up of R-Truth and The Miz. The official description for the filing says it covers entertainment services like wrestling shows, news, and information about wrestling, and fan club services.

A-Town Down Under

The second trademark filing is for “A-Town Down Under,” the team name for Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. The description for this filing is similar to that of “Awesome Truth,” covering entertainment services like wrestling shows and fan club activities.

The Teams Behind the Trademarks

Awesome Truth: A Legacy of Entertainment

R-Truth and The Miz, known as “Awesome Truth,” have a long history in WWE. Both have had successful solo careers, but together they are a strong team. R-Truth is known for his fun personality and high-energy performances, while The Miz is known for his clever and strategic wrestling style. Together, they have created many memorable moments in WWE.

Key Moments

  • Survivor Series 2011: One of the most famous moments for Awesome Truth was their match against The Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series 2011. This match was important because of the big names involved and the storyline that made R-Truth and The Miz the bad guys.
  • Tag Team Championships: At WrestleMania 40, the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships were separated after almost two years. “Awesome Truth” captured the Raw Tag Team Championship.

A-Town Down Under: The New Generation

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, known as “A-Town Down Under,” are part of the new generation of WWE superstars. Both wrestlers have quickly become popular for their in-ring skills and personalities. Austin Theory is known for his strong physique and technical skills, while Grayson Waller is known for his agility and high-flying moves. Together, they bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to WWE’s tag team division.

Key Moments

  • NXT TakeOver: Both Theory and Waller made big impacts during their time in NXT, with standout performances at various NXT TakeOver events. Their matches often stole the show, earning them many fans.
  • Main Roster Debut: Since moving to the main roster, A-Town Down Under has continued to impress, taking on some of the top teams in WWE and consistently delivering great matches.
  • Tag Team Championships: At WrestleMania 40, “A-Town Down Under” captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

The Importance of Trademarks in WWE

Trademarks are quite important for WWE’s business. By securing trademarks for their superstars and tag teams, WWE makes sure they have exclusive rights to use these names in different forms of media and merchandise. This not only protects their intellectual property but also allows them to make money from the popularity of their performers.

Branding and Merchandise

One of the main reasons for trademarking names is to create a strong brand identity. For fans, the names “Awesome Truth” and “A-Town Down Under” are more than just names; they represent the wrestlers’ personas and legacies. By trademarking these names, WWE can produce a wide range of merchandise, from t-shirts and action figures to video games and posters.

Legal Protection

Trademarks also provide legal protection against unauthorized use. In the world of professional wrestling, where characters and personas are essential, having a trademark ensures that no other entity can use the same name or a similar one. This is important in keeping WWE’s product unique.

The Future of WWE’s Tag Team Division

The trademark filings for “Awesome Truth” and “A-Town Down Under” show WWE’s commitment to its tag team division, a refreshing change in the WWE’s new era.

With these trademarks in place, fans can expect to see more of Awesome Truth and A-Town Down Under in the coming months. Potential feuds with other top teams, such as The Usos, The New Day, and The Street Profits, could lead to some of the most exciting tag team matches in recent memory.

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