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Know your Bootcampers: WrestleShark Speaks to the Cast of TNA British Bootcamp

By Simon Cassidy (Editor: @Simon_Cassidy1) This past Tuesday night, TNA Impact Wrestling and Challenge TV launched the inaugural edition of British Bootcamp. Following a tumultuous debut, we here at WrestleShark decided it was… Continue reading

Nikki Storm vs Alpha Female: 3 Weeks Away

On November 10, Pro-Wrestling Eve returns to IPPV with the most highly anticipated contest in the promotions history: Nikki Storm vs Alpha Female. As the event draws nearer and the tension mounts, the… Continue reading

Rewind: Grado Conducts a Masterclass at the PBW Academy

As mentioned on our Facebook page, we have been having some difficulties recently (you try running a website from 80,000 Leagues Under the Ring! It’s not easy!) and as such this flew under… Continue reading

Zero 1 European Challenge Returns to Scotland!

The following provided courtesy of Inside SWA: Zero1’s European Challenge comes to Scotland! Earlier this year, participants from all over Europe came together in a bid to secure a position to train and… Continue reading

The Shark Tank Episode 20 w/ George “The Animal” Steele

WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele steps into the Shark Tank for an exclusive interview! Download it now on iTunes to hear the legend discuss becoming “The Animal”, WWE saving his… Continue reading

ICW: Insane in the Membrane – FREE!

The following is courtesy of Insane Championship Wrestling:


A while ago ICW decided to go down the route of iPPV. Although our first iPPV was a in our eyes a success we feel we were hasty in our decision to go down that path. At a time when we should have been looking to use our content to expand our fan base we instead chose to go in a route that appealed only to existing fans due to our shortsightedness. Only looking at o
ur success in Glasgow and failing to realise there’s a whole big world out there that we should be exposing to our content aswell.
This coupled with our recent increase in hits on viral video(Reds Return, The Grado videos ect.) and social media sites leads us to believe our goal at this time should be to focus on as many people as possible finding out about ICW.
So we have decided to scrap the iPPV experiment and focus on brand awareness.

So what happens with the second iPPV? Insane in the Membrane featuring Havok Vs. Renfrew Scottish rules match? Featuring Jester Vs. Whiplash last man standing match? Featuring the controversial title match between BT Gunn and ICW Champion Red Lightning? Featuring the debut of Scottish wrestling Legend Drew McDonald and GRADO?

Well to show you how serious we are on focusing on free content from here on in to promote the ICW brand. I have a gift for the fans and future fans of this promotion.”

ICW made this gift public moments later by posting July’s Insane in the Membrane event in its entirety free of charge!

For more information on ICW please visit

Full Details of CZW’s Show this Saturday Announced and More…

The following provided courtesy of Combat Zone Wrestling: SATURDAY’s ‘Tangled Web V’; Pre-Order iPPV & More Matches – ‘Tangled Web V’ airs LIVE on iPPV THIS SATURDAY, August 11 from The Flyers… Continue reading

Fairwell and Adieu…Deputy editor diving with sharks

Today, our Deputy Editor, David Thomson will be diving into a shark tank to raise money for Motor Neurons Disease Scotland. It’s a good cause, and most importantly, it will be very funny… Continue reading

The Dark Child is Coming…



Wrestle Shark has hit 1000 views today! Thank you to all of our readers so far and we promise to continue bringing you exclusive news and content. We would also like to thank… Continue reading