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So Darren Young came out as gay this week. Who cares? DCT does.

By David Campbell Thomson Yesterday, on August 15th, Darren Young became the first EVER active member of the WWE roster to come out as gay. Now Darren is by no means the first… Continue reading

Euan G Mackie, Healer of Woes: Part I

GREETINGS my brothers and sisters. I am The Very Good Mr Euan G Mackie. I promised to aid you in your times of need, and so I shall. First of all I have this… Continue reading

Euan G. Mackie: Healer of Woes

We announced some time ago that the Very Good Euan G. Mackie would be coming on board here at WrestleShark as our new agony aunt. He is taking the job very seriously and… Continue reading

The Outside Opinion: Land of the Rising Stars

By Scott Reid Japan is a country which has a very rich wrestling heritage. Producing some of the rings all-time greats, such as Antonio Inoki, The Great Muta, and Jushin Liger, the Japanese… Continue reading

This is a Man’s World? Lainy Murray casts a female eye on ICW: Fierce Females

This Is A Man’s World? By Lainy Murray You only have to look at the female talent dominating the large American wrestling companies to see the common denominators: They’re beautiful. Their main exposure… Continue reading

The Outside Opinion: Bring Back The Gimmick!

By Scott Reid For many Professional Wrestling fans, their interest is first caught from a young age by the most colourful and charismatic figures. For some, it was the likes of Randy Savage,… Continue reading

ICW: Get Your Rat Oot Review

By Scott Reid All photos courtesy of David J Wilson and Conor McGrath photography. As summer creeps in, the nights become lighter, but in ICW, it looks like dark days ahead. As fans… Continue reading

The Outside Opinion: WrestleMania Dream Matches

  By Scott Reid   We’re well on the way to Wrestlemania 29, and as always, WWE has its biggest stars lined up to stand on the Grandest Stage of Them All. While… Continue reading

Pride Wrestling: Unfinished Business Review

By Simon Cassidy (@Simon_Cassidy1) (Editor) This past Saturday in Bridgeton, Pride Wrestling returned with Unfinished Business. The show opened with the presentation (conducted by myself, in my role as MC for Pride) of… Continue reading

Retro Game Review: ECW Hardcore Revolution

By Jeffrey Berry Long time no speak Wrestleshark fans! Jeffery Berry here again with another retro wrestling game review. I apologise for my absence. This time I will be taking a look at… Continue reading