Insane Championship Wrestling: Tramspotting Review

By Scott Reid

Reid BylineHaving dominated Glasgow over the last few years, Insane Championship Wrestling decided it was time to branch out, and bring their brand of professional wrestling to the nation’s capital of Edinburgh. Hailing from Studio 24, ICW: Tramspotting saw new faces join the legions of faithful fans for what was a monumental night in ICW history. Competitors from both ICW and Fierce Females filled the card in what looked to be a fantastic show. What the wrestlers delivered, however, was more than that. This was, without a doubt, one of the most intense ICW shows in recent memory.


Kicking off the night was a bout between two fantastic stars of the ICW roster, James Scott and Noam Dar. Both technically skilled wrestlers, Scott and Dar showcased their talents right from the word “Go”. James Scott, coming off of a huge win in January against Wolfgang, seemed extremely confident, and looked to take control of the match early by overpowering Dar with his superior strength. Noam is no stranger to tough opponents however, and was quickly able to regain some offence against his cocky opponent. Soon, the match spilled out of the ring, and James Scott let his vicious streak come to the surface, slamming Noam against the ringside barrier. Throwing his opponent back into the ring, Scott attempted to pick up the win with his trademark Top-Rope Double Stomp, but Noam was able to avoid the attack, and slap on a Heel Lock to gain the submission victory. Both men looked extremely impressive in this match, and this win will hopefully help Noam Dar climb back up the ladder to a championship opportunity.


Next was the Fierce Females 6-way Elimination Tag match. This match saw Nikki Storm, Fiona Fraser, April Davids, The Owens Twins and Kirsty Loveign battle it out in a very high energy contest. April Davids and Kirsty Loveign started the match, and for almost her entire time in the ring, Davids was dominant against almost every one of her opponents.  A tough-as-nails ring technician, Davids suplexed her way through each of her opponents, and looked unbelievably impressive. The rest of the competitors in the match also performed brilliantly in the ring, with The Owens Twins, Kirsty Loveign and Fiona Fraser all giving it everything they had, but in the end, it was the veteran experience of Nikki Storm that proved to be the deciding factor in this match. Storm and Davids were the last two wrestlers in the match, and it appeared that April had Nikki beaten; however an assist from Fiona Fraser allowed Nikki Storm to capture the win, and send April Davids home disappointed.

It was then time for another Fierce Females match, as Viper and Bête Noire looked set to go one-on-one in a qualifying match in the Fierce Females Championship Tournament. Both of these women delivered a show-stopping match at the debut Fierce Females show, and fans were extremely excited to see a rematch between these two rivals. Squaring off in the middle of the ring, neither Viper nor Noire was willing to give their opponent the advantage. Viper tried many times to use her superior strength to weaken Noire, but it only seemed make Bête angrier as she clubbed her opponent with blow after blow. Viper was eventually sent retreating to the outside, but Bête would not let her rest, and dived from the top rope to the floor below. Noire appeared to have hurt herself more than her opponent however, and after being slammed into the ring post by Viper, she was left wearing the proverbial “Crimson Mask”. This may have been enough to give Viper the advantage, and after taking her bloodied opponent down, she delivered a devastating Viper Bomb for the 3 count, to advance in the title tournament. Intense and full of energy, Both Viper and Bête Noire proved their skills in, and out, of the ring in a match that left fans in awe. Without a doubt, this contest was this reporters “Match of the Night”.


Closing out the first half of the show was the ICW Heavyweight Title Match, with champion Red Lightning defending in a grudge match against “The Stevenson Dream” Grado. The last time both these men faced off, they delivered a phenomenal match that fans still talk about to this day. With that in mind, fans expectation was high to see if this would be the night that Grado would truly defeat Red Lightning. With the fans firmly behind him as always, Grado looked confident and fired up. Red Lightning was also noticeably more fired up than usual, as he took to the microphone multiple times to take his frustrations out on the ICW fans. Once the action began, Red Lightning was firmly on the offensive, hitting Grado with every punch and kick that he could throw, and not allowing his opponent to gain an opening. This aggression was almost the champions undoing however, as he aimed his focus at the fans rather than Grado, and allowed “The Peoples Champion” to muster up some much needed offence. Once he had the adrenaline rushing through him, Grado pulled out all the stops, and looked to have Red Lightning defeated. As he attempted to deliver the Wee Boot though, Nikki Storm appeared and struck him with the Heavyweight Championship belt, allowing Red Lightning to retain the title. The shocked fans then looked on to watch Red Lightning introduce the newest member of the #Saveprowrestling Movement, Nikki Storm. This was once again a fantastic match between two men who have phenomenal in-ring chemistry, and can thrill the fans like no-one else.


After a short intermission, the stage was set for the contract signing between Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn. After making Renfrew’s life hell for the last few months, BT Gunn agreed to sign a one match contract that would allow him to face his former NAK partner, and best friend, at ICWs event on March 3rd. ICW owner Mark Dallas welcomed both men to the ring, alongside multiple security guards, and offered them both a chance to speak before signing the contract. Chris Renfrew quickly took the mic and, visibly overcome with rage and betrayal, demanded that BT Gunn explain his actions. While many people may have been expecting a clear explanation for Gunn, his response was extremely vague: “Open Your Eyes!”. Renfrew appeared confused by the words of his former friend, but knowing he was unlikely to get the answers he was looking for, Chris signed the contract, and left the ring. It appeared that BT Gunn did the same, but as he left the ring, Mark Dallas called him back, claiming he had, in fact, not signed the contract. BT Gunn shot back to the ring, and appeared to be out for Dallas’s blood. Renfrew ran to the aide of his friend and employer, but was met with scissors being driven into his skull by Gunn. With blood pouring from his head, Renfrew was soon sent crashing through a table by BT, who quickly left the ring, leaving the situation involving their proposed match unclear. With the shocking assault on Renfrew only appearing to enrage him even more, the upcoming match, should it happen, will surely be a violent and manic affair.


Fight Club and The Bucky Boys were set to face each other next, in a match to crown the Number 1 Contender for the ICW Tag Team Championships. While both of these teams have a great deal of respect for one and other, Fight Club and The Bucky Boys were both determined to win, and face The S.T.I on March 3rd. From the opening bell, the action was fast paced and wild. Fight Club, the veteran tag team in this contest, were extremely aggressive and went after their young opponents with no mercy, isolating Stevie Boy in the early goings of the match. The Bucky Boys, however, showed the rough attitude that has helped cement them as a main event team in ICW, and fought back hard against their opposition. Sending Fight Club both tumbling to the outside, Stevie Boy proved why he is one the best cruiserweights in Scotland, vaulting off his partners back, and soaring into his opponents. Davey boy was also extremely impressive in this match, attacking Fight Club with everything he had at every given opportunity. After hitting the Top Rope Backstabber on Stevie, Fight Club looked to add insult to injury by delivering the same move to Davey, but a quick counter allowed Davey to roll up Kid Fite, and take the victory. Both teams looked absolutely outstanding in this contest, and hopefully The Bucky Boys can carry their momentum through to March, and take home the Tag Team Titles.


Another Fierce Females Championship Tournament qualifier then took place, with Irish star Rhia O’Rielly taking on The S.T.I’s valet, Sara. Normally not one to embrace the fans, Sara claimed that tonight, she would be wrestling for her home team of Edinburgh, and immediately went straight after Rhia. O’Rielly, having won her debut match at Fierce Females against Holly Rocamora, looked extremely dominant, hammering away on Sara, and keeping her grounded as often as possible. Sara was in no mood to be kept down however, and came back just as hard at her opponent. After a very rough brawl, Rhia looked to win by Submission, locking in a Sleeper hold in an attempt to wear Sara down. It appeared that Sara was out cold, but she valiantly fought back, and fought off her tough opponent. Sara began to gain some advantage, and tried to roll up Rhia, but the Irish born star quickly countered, and picked up the victory to advance in the Title Tournament. ICW fans rarely see Sara compete, but she showed some great in-ring skills and proved she is not to be underestimated. Rhia O’Rielly looked extremely aggressive, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the Championship tournament.


The Zero-G Championship was up for grabs next, as Andy Wild defended his title against Wolfgang. As one of ICWs top heavyweights, Wolfgang is not the stereotypical Zero-G wrestler, but he has shown time and time again that he can wrestle almost any style that he needs to. Andy Wild did not look to be overly intimidated by his much larger opponent however, and used his phenomenal speed to hit fast and avoid Wolfgang’s attacks. Early in the match, Wolfgang looked to be in danger of succumbing to the champions’ attacks, as he was knocked to the outside and hot with a flurry of punches. Back in the ring however, Wolfgang got into the swing of things, and began to use his superior strength to bludgeon Andy, hitting multiple splashes and a Vader Bomb for the 2 count. Wild soon became much more aggressive, and shocked fans by managing to lift Wolfgang for a bone rattling Belly-To-Belly Suplex. He then looked to change up his tactics, and wear down Wolfgang’s legs, by locking him in the Boston Crab multiple times, but Wolfgang made it to the ropes each time to break the hold. As he made it to his feet, Wolfgang seemed fired up, and dropped Wild with a huge Powerbomb/Bodyslam combination for the 3 count, to become the new Zero-G Champion. Andy Wild gave it his all to defend his championship, but Wolfgang has been on a roll as of late, and showed his brilliant in-ring prowess to secure the victory.


Finally, the Main Event of the evening had arrived. Mikey Whiplash and Carmel were set to take on Jack Jester and Kay Lee Ray in an Intergender Tag Team Deathmatch. The rivalry between these two teams has become extremely heated over the last few months, but at Tramspotting, Mikey Whiplash claimed that win or loss, he would shake Jack Jesters hand at the end of the night, and lay a truly bloody feud to rest. First, however, they would have to face each other in one of wrestling’s most hellacious match types, a Deathmatch. Starting the match of in the ring, the action soon spilled outside, with Jester and Mikey brawling in the crowd. Carmel looked to go high risk from the ring onto Jester, but Kay Lee stopped her and launched her into the crowd, before following her with a picture perfect Senton. The fighting soon broke out all over Studio 24, with Kay Lee and Carmel brawling on the stage, while Jester and Mikey battled at the bar area. Back in the ring, Mikey took things to a much nastier place than they had already gotten to, by taking a staple gun to Jesters head, before laying him out with a Piledriver. Kay Lee ran to her partner’s aide, but ended up being laid out by one of the most vicious attacks ever seen in ICW. Diving from the top rope, Kay Lee was caught by Whiplash, and was mercilessly thrown from the ring into the wall of the sound booth, hitting the wall and floor with such a force that the normally vocal ICW fans were brought to a stunned silence. With Mikey distracted as he surveyed his carnage, Jester brings out the thumbtacks, and slammed Carmel and Mikey down with terrifying force. As Kay Lee somehow made it back to the ring, Mikey attacked, but inadvertently took out Carmel, and was nailed with a Tombstone on the thumbtacks by Jester who covered his opponent for the win.


With the truly brutal brawl over, Mikey Whiplash stood face to face with Jack Jester, and the pair shook hands. Carmel and Kay Lee were not so respectful towards each other however, as they began to fight once again. Jester and Whiplash attempted to break up the brawl, but Jester accidently hit Mikey in the melee, which prompted the demented Whiplash to snap, and hack at his longtime nemesis with Jesters Corkscrew. Before he could do the same to Kay Lee however, Security stepped in and dragged Whiplash to the back, as he screamed “This Is Never Over!” to Jack Jester, proving that their rivalry is just as heated and intense as ever.
Tramspotting looked to leave an impression on the new Edinburgh fanbase and they absolutely succeeded, by delivering a blood soaked, hard hitting show that left the fans shocked and delighted. With a new Zero-G champion crowned, the complete destruction of The NAK, and new Tag Team title contenders crowned, March 3rd will certainly be an exciting night for ICW.


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