Renfrew’s Rant: Badass Heels, Where For Art Thou?

Warning: the following content contains some explicit language and is for entertainment purposes only.

In the latest edition of his weekly blog, Chris Renfrew asks the question: where are all the bad asses?

By Chris Renfrew

RenfrewWhatever happened to the bad ass heels? It was actually our man Billy Kirkwood that turned to me and said that as Zima Ion lay in the corner screaming, with his hairspray and made the point that there is a distinct lack of bad ass heels these days. Everyone is either a pretty boy, a pop star or something along those lines. Where are the Vaders, The Stan Hansens of the world? Why are more or less every heel the same, cocky heel type.

Bar the ace’s and 8’s faction, this has been standard practice in wrestling for a long time. Is that calibre of heel of gone? Or does he just not fit in to WWE’s idea of what a bad guy should look like? But it’s not just WWE, its everywhere from the indy’s to the top leagues, all the heels are basically the same.

It was an old school booking technique to build a monster heel as invincible before meeting the top face who would eventfully topple this seemingly invincible foe, and the company would make a buck load of cash doing so. Hogan is your best example; taking on the monsters such as Andre, Earthquake and Bundy to name a few. They would build up this beast for months, portraying him as unstoppable, a true force to be reckoned with, and when the top babyface prevailed: HUZZAH! Celebrations all round! That doesn’t really happen anymore. The last guy they pushed like that was Khali but (bless) he just wasn’t up to much in the ring and nobody really got behind the concept. Any time the WWE has the opportunity to create a monster, they don’t. Kane is a comedy character after a promising return in that role, Big Show has lost so much it’s almost impossible to get him into that role. Tensai (ahem) didn’t work and they shat it with Big Brodus!

Not every heel has to be pretty with wash board abs. Give me a big ugly brute who enjoys smashing the goodies and the fans hate him for it, they want him to lose but have that feeling he never will because he’s so dominant and doesn’t lose. It’s wrestling booking 101 people!

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