Gold Label No More

By Scott Reid

ICW: Fear and Loathing V is almost upon us, and after selling out in a matter of weeks, fan anticipation is through the roof. The announced card, so far, is shaping up to be one of the best this year, and no doubt more matches will be announced before November 4th. However, of all the matches scheduled, none have as much history and personal investment from the competitors as the main event, which will see the ICW Heavyweight Championship defended in a Fatal-Four-Way involving the four men who once comprised the group known as The Gold Label. With each man determined to walk out of The Classic Grand as ICW Champion, Wrestleshark takes a look at the competitors involved, and asks who you think will leave Fear and Loathing V with the title?

As the reigning ICW Heavyweight Champion, Red Lightning has more pressure on his shoulders than any other competitor involved in this match. With 3 of ICWs top stars coming after his title, Red will have to fight harder than ever before if he hopes to hold onto the gold, but as ICW fans know, one can never underestimate the cunning mind of Red Lightning. Whether it was aligning himself with the some of the best wrestlers in Britain, or waiting for the perfect moment to claim the ICW Championship as his own, or even managing to keep that championship through a number of title defences, Red Lightning has shown that while he may not be the most physically dominant wrestler around, he is definitely one of the smartest. Having worked with his 3 opponents for as long as he did in The Gold Label, Red will have a fairly good knowledge of each of their strengths and, therefore, their weaknesses, and rest assured, if he gets the chance, Red Lightning will exploit every weakness possible to claim the victory on November 4th.

One man who has no intention of having any weakness exploited however is Wolfgang. Once the enforcer of The Gold Label, Wolfgang has turned over a new leaf in recent months and, in the process, has gained the strong support of the ICW fans. With his monstrous strength and deceptive agility, Wolfgang has proved time and time again that he is a main-event calibre wrestler who deserves a fair shot at the ICW Title by giving some stand-out performances in an ICW ring recently, including a blockbuster match where he defeated Fergal Devitt, and by the looks of things, he has no intention of slowing down his momentum. As he is undoubtedly the strongest wrestler in Fear and Loathing’s main event, Wolfgang will have the physical edge over his opponents, and that, coupled with great wrestling skill, may be all that the fan-favourite needs to topple his former team-mates, and claim the belt that many ICW fans believe belongs around his waist.

Another competitor who is aiming for glory in this match is James Scott, and while he is looking to take the ICW Championship from Red Lightning, he is also hoping to make history. As one of only two men to ever hold the ICW Championship on two separate occasions, the ever-confident James Scott would love nothing more than to be called the first ever three-time ICW Heavyweight Champion, and there is no reason why he couldn’t score the victory on November 4th. Along with the accolades he has already earned in ICW, Scott brings with him an array of skills from both of his wrestling and MMA backgrounds which, when merged together, can add up to a very dangerous offensive arsenal, one which he has shown in the ring plenty of times, and that has earned him both of his ICW title reigns. James Scott has proven that everything he says can be backed up in the ring, and he will do everything in his power to prove that he is indeed the true ICW Champion.

And the final challenger is a man who may not get another shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship. That man is Lionheart. After recently announcing his upcoming retirement from wrestling, Lionheart only has two more appearances in ICW, and he will no doubt be fighting harder than ever to make them count, and ensure he leaves ICW as the undisputed champion. Often claimed to be one of, if not the, best pound for pound wrestler to ever come out of Scotland, Lionheart is an outstanding combination of strength, speed and skill who can go toe-to-toe with almost anyone put before him. This, along with a wealth of traveled experience, has built Lionheart into a fantastic competitor who has stunned the ICW crowd many times, most recently in two phenomenal matches against Mikey Whiplash, and, hopefully, he can stun the crowd again come November. Although he may only have a short time left in Insane Championship Wrestling, Lionheart will fight to his last breath to ensure that Fear and Loathing V is remembered as the night that he finally conquered the ICW mountain.

So, ICW: Fear and Loathing V will no doubt be a wild night, but the question is, who can handle the heat? Will Red Lightning defy the odds to remain Champion? Will Wolfgang take the title that many believe is rightfully his? Can James Scott make history? Or will Lionheart bow out in spectacular style? Only time will tell.

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