ICW: Fierce Females 30/09/12 Review

By Scott Reid

On September 30th 2012, ICW: Fierce Females was unleashed at the Arches in Glasgow. As the 300 plus fans made their way into the venue, a buzz of anticipation was in the air to see how good the show would be, and with this being the debut of the all-women’s promotion, every single wrestler on the card was out to impress, and impress they did. Whether it was a technical masterclass, a hard fought brawl, or even a hardcore grudge match, each match at Fierce Females showcased the very best in Women’s wrestling today, and left the fans screaming for more.

First up was a match between Fiona Fraser and Nicola Storm. As the spokesperson of the, now defunct, Official Community, Miss Storm has never seen eye-to-eye with the ICW fans, and at Fierce Females, it was obvious that there had been no love lost between Storm and the wild crowd. Entering with two masked henchmen, Storm took to the ring to await the arrival of Fiona Fraser, one of Scotland’s most technically sound female wrestlers. As soon as both women locked up, fans were firmly on the side of Fraser. Pulling every move in their arsenal out of the bag, Storm and Fraser matched each other punch for punch, and hold for hold in a technical wrestling masterclass, and while both competitors gave it their all, Miss Storm prevailed in the end. No matter who won however, there is no doubt that both wrestlers earned the respect of the Arches crowd, after a hard-fought, intense competition.

Next was a very physical encounter between Viper and Bête Noire. From the moment Noire entered the ring, she and Viper went straight at each other, and did not let up for one second. Both competitors were firmly on the offensive, and the match quickly took to the outside, with both women feeling the painful effects of the metal guardrail. Back inside the ring, Viper and Noire continued to brutalise one another, with the match looking like it could go either way. After a series of big power moves, Viper looked to gain the victory with a Vaderbomb, but Noire quickly dodged her opponent and took to the top rope, intending to finish Viper off for good. This would be Noire’s undoing, however, as Viper countered the attack, and laid her opponent out with a savage Electric Chair Facebuster for the win. This was a truly spectacular match, and fans can only hope that a rematch between these two talented athletes takes place sooner, rather than later.

Irelands Rhia O’Reilly then took the ring to take on Holly Rocamora. While both competitors were fairly new to ICW audience, O’Reilly and Rocamora both quickly had their fair share of fan support, with crowd favour being split right down the middle. The match took off slowly, with both wrestlers taking their time to get to know their opponent. Eventually, however, the match took off with high energy. O’Reilly was the more aggressive competitor, taking the fight straight to Holly as hard as she could. Rocamora held her own though, fighting back with serious heart and determination, refusing to be kept down without a fight. The might of the Irish star was too much for Holly Rocamora however, as Rhia O’Reilly defeated her opponent and picked up her first Fierce Females win. Both of these competitors thoroughly impressed the crowd, and will undoubtedly be welcomed back to ICW: Fierce Females with open arms by the fans.


A familiar, if somewhat unwelcomed, face soon presented itself, as The S.T.I’s Sara appeared for her match. Originally scheduled to face Lambrinii, Sara waited in the ring, only to be confronted by The Bucky Boys manager, The Wee Man. After informing the crowd of Lambriniis unfortunate absence, and throwing a few choice words at Sara, The Wee Man introduced Erin Angel, Lambriniis replacement for the match. Sara tried to wear Angel down quickly, however Erin was always one step ahead, countering Sara at every opportunity. Not one to be out-shined though, Sara took to a more aggressive style of attack, trying her best to keep Angel grounded as much as possible. Angel soon fought back however, and after a little help from the Wee Man, was able to roll Sara for the win. Erin Angel definitely made an impact in her Fierce Females debut, but you can be sure this was a loss that Sara will remember, and she will look no doubt look for revenge.

Then, it was on to Tag Team action, as The Owens Twins took on the team of April Davids and Lisa Fury. Quickly getting on the bad side of the crowd, Davids and Fury were less concerned about what the fans thought, and more focused on defeating Leah and Kasey Owens. Both teams fought hard and fast, and while Lisa Fury certainly brought her A-game to Fierce Females, April Davids was, without question, the dominant force in this match. Showcasing her finely tuned technical wrestling abilities, Davids put the Owens Twins through hell, refusing to let either sister get the upper hand. After being dominated for much of the match however, The Owens Twins were able to work as a unit long enough to lay out and pin not one, but both of their opponents. This did not sit well with Lisa Fury, however, as she attempted to take her frustrations out on her partner. Davids was not going to take being pushed around though, and tied Fury up in a Crucifix Armbar before leaving the ring. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of any of these extremely talented women.


Fans were then treated to the unpleasant arrival of Mr James R Kennedy, who took to the mic to present his newest client, Kirsty Loveign. Kennedy and Loveign at first seemed confident; however that confidence was soon shattered with the arrival of the mysterious Sakura Lily. Loveign tried to work Lily over quickly, however Sakura fought back in no time, chopping her opponent from corner to corner, letting Loveign know that she meant business. The match soon became very back-and-forth, with each competitor fighting hard to gain the win. After a missed moonsault, and some interference James R Kennedy, it looked like Sakura Lily may be on the path to defeat, but after coming back strong against Loveign, Sakura pulled off a great victory, much to the approval of the fans. Kirsty Loveign however, was left to deal with the wrath of James R Kennedy, who made it very clear to the young star that if she does not improve, he would no longer be representing her. Can Kirsty Loveign make it up to Kennedy? We shall have to wait and see.



And finally, the main event of the evening was a Last Women Standing match between Kaylee Ray and Carmel. These two are no strangers to each other, having competed against each other, and most recently, worked together to serve Mikey Whiplash as his “Pretty Little Things”. Kaylee soon tired of bowing to Whiplash’s demands though, and turned on him at ICW: Hadouken. Carmel and Kaylee came to blows, and it was then that Mark Dallas booked them in a Last Woman Standing match. Also, to make sure Whiplash or his minions played no part in the match, Dallas appointed a special referee for the contest: Whiplash’s hated rival, Jack Jester. From the opening bell, Kaylee and Carmel were on fire, showering each other with punches and kicks. Soon enough, the match left the ring and was taken around the dark venue, with Kaylee bouncing Carmel off stone walls like a ragdoll, and slamming her hard onto the concrete floor. Carmel soon battled back though, eventually grabbing a Kendo stick, and savagely beating Kaylee down to the mat. It wasn’t long before the violence was taken even further, with Carmel bringing in a bag of thumbtacks intended for Kaylee. The red haired fan favourite turned the tables, however, and it was Carmel who went on to feel the unforgiving sting of the tacks, followed up with an unbelievable top rope foot stomp with a chair to the face. Soon, both women were exhausted and in pain, having put their bodies on the line for the entire match. After both being taken down, Kaylee and Carmel struggled to make it to their feet to answer Jesters ten count. Kaylee did manage to get up, but quickly collapsed again, and with his eyes on Carmel making it to her feet, Jester was not aware that Kaylee had answered the ten count. Carmel was declared the winner in controversial fashion, but Kaylee took out her frustrations on her weakened opponent, beating her mercilessly before heading to the back. This was absolutely the match of the night, with both Women giving it their all in a worthy main event for ICW: Fierce Females debut show.

ICW: Fierce Females took everyone’s expectations and blew them out of the water, with a night of intense, physical matches that showcased the absolute best in Women’s wrestling today. Top to bottom, this event delivered matches of an incredibly high standard, and with the announcement of another show in May, Fierce Females is looking to grow into a bigger and better product. If the next event is as good as this debut, the only way is up for ICW: Fierce Females.

For more information about Fierce Females, please visit www.fiercefemales.co.uk

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