ICW: Fierce Females – Thomson’s Picks

Last night, ICW presented their first ever all female show and featured some of the best female wrestling in the UK. Here are my highlights of the show:

Most Valuable Person: April Davids

Teaming up with Lisa Fury to take on the Owen twins, April came out with a no-nonsense, hard-hitting style technical style from the get-go, punishing the twins with German suplexes and dominating much of the action. This was my first time seeing Davids perform in person and I would very much like to see her in singles competition in the future. The Owens came out on top last night but Davids proved herself to be a dominant force when she locked her tag team partner in a crucifix armbar after the match following a brief scuffle. April Davids is definitely one to watch in female wrestling!

Manoeuvre of the Night: Viper hits Bete Noir with an Electric Chair Facebuster

Viper and Bete Noir came out all guns blazing with a vicious brawl that could have went either way. Noir looked to capitalise on mistakes made by Viper with a chance after a missed Vaderbomb, but Viper ended up catching Noir on a top rope attempt and finished the match with a brutal Electric Chair Drop Facebuster. Truly nasty.

Match of the Night: Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel – Last Woman Standing (w/ Special Referee Jack Jester)

There really was no doubt that the main event would deliver. Kay Lee Ray and Carmel have battled each other several times in the past and the two PBW-trained women left it all in the ring last night. Brawling throughout the crowd, smashing each others’ faces into walls, the ICW crowd got their fill of violence. More highlights included Kay Lee hitting a hurricanrana on the floor, Carmel battering the living daylights out of Kay Lee with a kendo stick and Carmel later receiving a sickening top-rope foot stomp with a chair on her face. However, Carmel managed to just outlast Kay Lee Ray to pick up a narrow victory. However, the feud is clearly far from over as a frustrated Kay Lee assaulted the victorious Carmel after the match. Both women received raucous appluse from the ICW crowd.

It was truly a great night for women’s wrestling in Scotland and the people in attendance seemed to relish the announcement of more shows in the future.
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For more information on Fierce Females visit their website www.fiercefemales.co.uk

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