Zero 1 European Challenge Returns to Scotland!

The following provided courtesy of Inside SWA:

Zero1’s European Challenge comes to Scotland!

Earlier this year, participants from all over Europe came together in a bid to secure a position to train and wrestle for Pro Wrestling Zero 1 in Japan. Two participants, including Joe Coffey of Scotland, were selected among thirty others to get the opportunity to wrestle all over Japan with the world renowned wrestling company.

With the enormous success of the first challengers currently touring with Zero1, we are absolutely delighted to announce that there will be a second European Challenge, and we couldn’t be more proud that the second edition comes to the most vibrant hotspot of UK talent; Glasgow Scotland!

Glasgow has become the place to wrestle in the United Kingdom and the Source Wrestling School is recognised as the best school in Scotland. We are delighted to link the Source Wrestling School with Pro Wrestling Zero 1 and are honored to host European Challenge 2.

Places on the challenge will be limited to 25 spaces. Only experienced participants at the peak of their physical fitness are welcome. This is a massive opportunity to learn and wrestle full time with Pro Wrestling Zero 1. The very best members of the camp will be selected by Zero1 management to compete that night for Zero1 TV.

To apply for the camp, please contact SWS head trainer directly at The camp will cost £30 for the day and please keep in mind that places are limited.