The Ice Man Cometh: Divs in Wrestling

WrestleShark are proud to announce that we have the privilege of brining you an exclusive column from UK hardcore wrestling legend, Isaac Harrop, better known to you all as The Ice Man.

In his inaugural column for WrestleShark, the Ice Man defines an issue he has been very vocal about on social media, namely, Divs in professional wrestling.

First of all I want to make one thing clear before I begin. When I first started in wrestling I was the biggest div of them all. In fact I was a bigger div than some of those today that I have a go at.

I idolised Mick Foley and wanted to be just like him, from the style of wrestling I did right down to the way I dressed.

But I was I was sensible enough to realise that the way I was and what I thought was right in fact wasn’t, so I did something about it.

People have asked me what I mean when I use the word “div”.

Well to me a div is someone who firstly is nothing more than a mark, they act and talk like fans, they don’t look like wrestlers and don’t care that they don’t. There wrestling gear is home made and put together from trainers and kick-pad covers, to fingerless gloves and and wristbands.

They’re not bothered about anything else so long as they can get in a ring and do their moves. They have no idea about match structure and don’t care that they don’t, they don’t care how poor the show looks so long as once again they get in a ring. Any person with an ounce of sense will know that in order to be taken seriously you have to look professional but these divs don’t care, it’s all about getting in that ring and having a couple of people, in some cases their friends chanting for them and popping for the matches.

I realised that if I wanted to get anywhere in wrestling then I would have to change, but these divs couldn’t give a shit. The shows that they’re on are all the same divs that hire a hall and ring and play wrestler: they don’t care if they draw or earn any money because they believe that because it’s their love and passion it’s OK to do it for free.
They have no idea of how to carry themselves in a locker room and worse still they don’t care: you see them sitting in a corner in their little group and they don’t shake hands or talk to anyone.

They show none respect and are pig ignorant to anyone who tries to help them.

They have huge egos and think that they know it all.

They think that they’re superstars.

That’s a div.

I’ve been very vocal about divs as of late. I’ve been thrown off Facebook and blocked off Twitter for voicing my opinions about divs in British wrestling today, I’ve had these clowns threaten me and call me all manner of names for speaking up about them.

I don’t class myself as anyone in wrestling,I don’t claim to be a name or anyone of any importance. I am not a veteran and I am far far from being the best, in fact I don’t rate myself at all. But one thing I am very proud of is that when I was wrestling I did make a living from it and I went out of my way to show respect and earn respect from all around me.

Every time I was in a ring I did all I could do to entertain the people who have paid money to watch that show.

People ask me why do I let these divs bother me and why don’t I just let them get on? And I tell them every time that even though I don’t wrestle anymore, I still love wrestling and want to see wrestling in this country go on to bigger and better things. Not only that, I’ve got very good friends that a trying to earn a living from wrestling.

Some might see it to be just a hobby, but to the lads at All Star it’s their job.
When these divs have ruined every town in the country with their shit, what are the All Star lads going to do?

Now the clowns are opening schools and are bringing more divs into the job, what do these idiots know?

These divs are going to get someone badly hurt or worse yet killed, and what are they going to do then?

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Editors Note: The opinions expressed in this column are purely that of the writer and do not necessarily represent those of WrestleShark Media.