Hot Topics: Should the Streak be Broken or Live Forever?

By Scott Reid

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome once again to The Hot Topic, where we take a look at the big news in wrestling which is splitting the opinions of fans, and ask you, the readers, what you think.
This week, we turn our attention to a question that has split wrestling fans right down the middle for years : should The Undertakers Wrestlemania undefeated streak ever be broken, or should it remain intact, as a crowning exclamation point on the career of, arguably, the best of all time?
Since defeating Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka at Wrestlemania VII, The Undertaker has gone on to become a name that is synonymous with “the showcase of the immortals” and the reason for this is his 20-0 win/loss record at the event, which fans have grown to simply call “The Streak”. From Jake Roberts to Kane, and from Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels, The Streak boasts an extraordinary list of victims who have tried, and failed, to defeat The Undertaker on “The Grandest Stage of Them All”. After his most recent Wrestlemania victory, where he defeated Triple H in a brutal Hell in a Cell match, The Undertaker extended his streak to 20-0, before he once again retreated to the shadows, throwing his WWE future into question with fans worldwide. Was The Phenom finally ready to lay The Streak to rest, or would he return to Wrestlemania to take on one more competitor, and if so, who would he face? This question still goes unanswered, but fans are once again hot in discussion over the subject, and eagerly anticipate the answer.
So should The Undertaker return to try and continue his run of Wrestlemania victories, or it is time for The Streak to rest in peace? Let’s take a look.

It is popular belief by some fans that The Streak must eventually be broken, which some even arguing that The Undertaker wants someone to break it. While many superstars will hold championships, and compete in matches that will be remembered by fans for years to come, only a single superstar will ever be able to hold the honour of destroying The Streak, but who, if anyone, will it be? Having competed at Wrestlemania against some of wrestling’s biggest legends, The Undertaker has cemented his dominance over a certain generation of wrestlers, so many feel that it is time for younger superstars to step up and challenge The Deadman, and attempt to take their place in wrestling history. Names like Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett are constantly brought up when talking about superstars who could be the future of the WWE. However, a lot of these superstars are in need of just one crowning moment to thrust them into the spotlight. Championship wins or big victories over WWE’s biggest names may be enough to help someone’s career move in the right in the right direction, but if one of these young superstars was to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they would undoubtedly be thrust into a list of wrestling’s elite, having done what so many legends couldn’t do, and as such would have a title to their name that no superstar on earth could ever take away from them. If there was ever a perfect way to, metaphorically, ‘pass the torch’ to a figurehead of WWE’s new generation, a victory over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania is certainly the way to go.

However, a large number of fans are firmly of the opinion that The Streak should never be broken, but should, instead, be the legacy that The Undertaker leaves behind when he is eventually gone from the WWE. Throughout his 20+ year career, The Undertaker has gained many outstanding accolades, including being a 7 time World Champion, and winning the 2007 Royal Rumble. He has wrestled legends, such as Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and has taken on superstars in the early days of their WWE careers, such as CM Punk and Batista, which has helped boost these superstars’ careers to new heights. His natural in-ring skill, his willingness to put his body on the line, and his larger than life character that still captivates audiences to this day, have made The Undertaker into a legend who will be remembered for decades to come by wrestling fans around the world. A large part of that legend, however, is The Streak. It is an achievement unmatched in wrestling, and many feel that when The Undertaker is ready to leave the WWE, The Streak should go with him, untarnished and pure, and with the Streak currently at 20-0, what better way time to end the legendary run than now?
If The Undertaker was to lose to an opponent at Wrestlemania, it would absolutely benefit the victorious superstar, but having already given so much to the company in his decades long career, perhaps The Undertaker should be allowed to, one day, ride off into the sunset with his greatest achievement still alive, in the hearts and minds of his millions of fans around the world.

So what do you think? Should The Undertaker put The Streak on the line once more, to give a young up-and-comer a shot at glory? Or should remain it unbroken, and live forever as the greatest streak in wrestling history?

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