Source Wrestling Results: Did Saynt overcome Whiplash? Did Coffey defeat Devitt?

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In a return to Clydebank’s Centre 81 on Saturday September 1st, the stars of Source went all out to put on a true showcase of the best the country has to offer with a huge headline bout courtesy of SWA featuring modern wrestling icon Prince Devitt!

The night opened with BMW teaming up for the first time in Scotland in over a year and any qualms we had about them not being on the same page were quickly swept aside! Embracing their hard hitting nature, Scott Renwick and Damian O’Conor stormed to the ring with a new look and harsh attitude as they took on the cruiserweight Avengers!

Tornado and his new sidekick had the fans on their feet straight away with their fast pace and risky styles and despite struggling against the heavyweight thugs, managed to hold their own and gain a huge win over the veteran team when Tornado hit O’Conor with a high cross body for the win to a huge ovation.

But the loss only raised the aggression levels for BMW. Mirroring Tornado’s debut, when he found himself on the receiving end of a devastating knockout punt from Renwick, Tornado watched in horror, failing to stop his trusty sidekick falling to the same fate as Renwick punted the newcomer before Damo announced that “This was just the beginning as tonight…. everything changes!”

Before BMW cleared the ring, Glen Dunbar came out to congratulate the team for their win before picking up the mic himself. he told the fans that he wasn’t willing to follow anyone elses schedule but his own. He wanted his open challenge, and he wanted it now and instantly Lewis Girvan accepted, ready for the challenge. But as the two locked up, some all too familiar music played throughout the venue and Jam O’Malley decided to join the fun.

O’Malley and Dunbar are clearly no strangers to each other. They worked alongside each other in the Forsaken, with Jam always there to back up Dunbar, but after constant mistreatment and disrespect from the 24/7 contract holder, O’Malley snapped earlier this year and has since found himself paying the Lowland Superstar back for his attitude. With the three-way being accepted, Dunbar found himself under attack from the fan favourites until he managed to take O’Malley out of the picture by decimating the Sideshow’s knee.

But O’Malley wasn’t finished, he’d came to have fun at the expense of Dunbar and he succeeded as he returned to the ring to help take out the Lowlander, but to his dismay, Dunbar fought back with a pin fall over Girvan. No doubt Dunbar see’s this as another victory on the road to cashing in his title shot, but we have to wonder… will Jam rest until he’s dished out as much humiliation to Dunbar as he received in the Forsaken?

Next up we saw a hero’s welcome as Source star Christopher Saynt stepped through the ropes once again in his home venue to take on Scottish Champion Mikey Whiplash and he had one goal in mind; become the first Source-exclusive Scottish Heavyweight Champion!

Despite the spotlight being focused solely on him, Saynt showed no hesitation as he tackled the veteran champion, showing new sides to him as he grappled with Whiplash early on. Seeing how much the challenger had prepared for the match, Whiplash unleashed everything but Saynt managed to gain the upper hand with a close near fall!

On fire after gaining the advantage, Saynt fired in all guns blazing but the champions experience edge was able to turn the tables, luring Saynt into a rolling firemans carry slam to make a dominating pin and leave as he entered as champion!

A tense grudge match between Nikki Storm and Kirsty Love started with a bang! Feeling that the spotlight should be shining on her alone, Storm has been seething at the attention and adoration Love has recieved from the fans in the past year and before the bell rang it was obvious she couldn’t contain that anger! The two brawled into the ring as Love fell under attack with Storm pulling out all the stops, and countering whatever Love threw at her – including an impressive moonsault – to gain the advantage. But Storms efforts were futile as K-Love left the Situation enraged after picking up a massive victory, solidifying her as the face of the women’s division; a fact that Storm will not let go without a fight!

Initially scheduled for a non title match, Dickie Divers put the Pride Championship on the line against Alex Cavanagh in a match showcasing Cavanagh’s more methodical style going up against Diver’s fast pace, but the action was cut short and called to a no-contest after interference caused referee Thomas Kearins to throw the match out. At first, it seemed as if Dunbar had came to ringside to lay in wait as he held his 24/7 Money in the Bank contract, however things took a turn for the worse when Dunbar warned him off leaving him wide open to a surprising attack from BMW!

The bruisers took out the champion with Renwick once again using his knockout punt before Dunbar joined the ring and delivered a message to Divers; When and where he cashed in the title was his choice. As Divers lay in agony, Dunbar told him that taking the title from him wasn’t enough. Dickie Divers was the man who ended his path to glory, who took the T-Division title from him and who effectively stole his number-one spotlight. “Dunbar told those of us as Inside that he plans to take away the champions pride, his dignity, his streak and when he’s on the brink of madness, take the one thing that matters to him the most; the Pride Championship.

With a more sinister attitude than we’ve ever seen from Dunbar, and BMW to back him up, whether Dunbar succeeds in becoming the champion or not, it sounds like he’s ready to put Dickie Divers through seven stages of hell before he even thinks about cashing in!

With the crowd left stunned, the participants for SWA’s Guest Main Event psyched themselves up for the match of a lifetime! Entering first to his full name, Mark Anthony Coffey strutted to the ring ready for the biggest match of his career. with months of intense training and conditioning, Coffey was focused on doing what his brother couldn’t; gaining a win over NJPW Megastar Prince Devitt; a man clearly revered by the crowd in attendance as they exploded with cheers as the New Japan Superstar kicked off the match.

In a true showcase of the best of British, Devitt put on a masterclass of pro wrestling, using every blow, every hold, every move he’s learned from both the UK ad Japan to dominate the challenger and after careful study, intense training and a gifted amount of natural talent, Coffey as able to hold him own and spar with one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern world.

While Coffey wasn’t able to gain that winning pinfall he so desperately wanted, he left Clydebank proving one thing; after being able to tackle Devitt’s experience with grace, tact and amazing ability, Mark Coffey’s future looks brighter than ever!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended on the night and helped deliver a fantastic atmosphere! The stars of Source will be returning to Clydebank next year however keep your eyes fixed on our calendar as we’ll be announcing more dates soon!

Quick Results;
– The Avengers defeated BMW
– Glen Dunbar defeated Lewis Girvan and Jam O’Malley in a triple threat
– Mikey Whiplash defeated Chris Saynt to retain the Scottish Championship
– Kirsty Love defeated Nikki Storm
– Dickie Divers versus Alex Cavanagh was declared a no contest.
– Prince Devitt defeated Mark Coffey in an SWA Guest Match

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