Is Mark Anthony the Heir Apparent To Prince Devitt’s Throne?

Earlier this year, ahead of SWA-W3L Clash of the Titans, there was only question on the wrestling communities mind:could Joe Coffey defeat international star Prince Fergal Devitt?

When the collision eventually occurred, the young contender from Scotland gave it everything he had; standing kick for kick, chop for chop, never backing down or giving an inch to the far more experienced NJPW star. On more than one occassion it seemed certain that Joe had gained the upper hand and was going to take the contest, going so far as to scream “It’s my time Devitt!” to the live crowd.

Ultimately however, following a match of the year candidate the seasoned veteran was simply too much for Joe, putting the young lion down with a vicious top rope stomp.

Since that fateful night in Stirling, it is no secret that Joe Coffey’s career has soared to new heights, as he left the fair shores of Caledonia to make a name for himself in the legendary Japanese wrestling scene.

As was announced exclusively on WrestleShark last month, Prince Fergal Devitt is set to return to Scotland and the home of the hottest young stars in the UK today, Source Wrestling on the first of September in Clydebank (for more information head over to

After ruthlessly defeating Joe, a Source Wrestling standout and Laird of the Ring champion, who would be willing to step into the ring with Devitt as this blockbuster show? Following an impressive run in 2012, making a name for himself all across the UK and locking up with some of the absolute best in the country: rising star Mark Anthony was the obvious candidate.

There is a twist in this tale however: as regular listeners to the Shark Tank and fans of the Scottish scene will likely be aware, Mark Anthony is in fact Mark Anthony Coffey, the younger brother of Joe, competing in other UK promotions as an intimidating force in the tag team division. In SWA and Source Wrestling however, the two have adamantly refused to acknowledge their family ties, often engaging in fierce rivalries and even going so far as to clash over the Laird of the Ring title in what one can only assume is the latest chapter in a lifelong game of oneupmanship.

Brotherly Love: the two prepare for yet another contest at SWA Afterhours

On September first then, what can we expect? Certainly not a younger brother fighting to uphold the honour of his fallen sibling. Nor, following our recent interview with Mark (which can be found in the iTunes store by clicking HERE), does it appear that he has any intentions of using this as an opportunity to take Japan by storm. What seems more likely is on September first, Mark Anthony will set out to do what Joe couldn’t: beat Prince Fergal Devitt and cement his name in ths history books as one of the absolute best.

This will be no mean feat however as, be under no illusions, Devitt is one of (if not the) best wrestlers walking the face of the earth. A two time NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion,NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion two time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, six time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champion and ranked in the top 100 in the Pro-Wrestling Illustrated 500 in 2011: his accolades tell the story far better than I ever could.

So who can we expect to come out on top? The wrestling community stands divided.

Marty Michaels, MC for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance who has seen just about every classic encounter to have taken place in Scotland over the last several years claims that it is “Too close to call”:

“Mark Anthony has come on leaps and bounds in the last year, but Fergal’s years of experience make him as slippery as a lizard in Elvis’ hair. I don’t know who’s going to come out on top, but I do know that there’s going to be more twists in this match than Chubby Checker in a blender.”

Head Trainer of the Source Wrestling School and Source Wrestling talent, Damian O’Connor joins Michaels in being unable to predict the outcome:

“Prince Devitt has been instrumental in the development of some of the Source graduates, most noteably Mark Coffey. This really is an opportunity for Coffey to put his skills to the test against lets face it, the best in the world!
This will be a phenomenal match, that I personally cannot wait to watch. Can Mark do it? It may be too soon in his career, but I’ll always back someone with his talent to succeed.”

We will be covering this issue in greater depth in the coming weeks, with further comment from the stars of Source Wrestling and the SWA. For now however, head over to to make your opinion heard.

Is Mark Anthony the heir to the Prince’s throne?

The heir apparent?

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