August 5th: Polo Power, Grado and a Bloody Big Street Fight

Insane Championship Wrestling have announced that “due to a large amount of money” their live shows will now feature a new talk segment, Jackie Polo’s Polo Lounge.

ICW have also stated that Mr Polo is not an ICW employee. Any individual who engages in a physical altercation with Mr Polo will be terminated on the spot.

Editors Note:I’m sure that will be fine, it’s not like ICW are a violent or unpredictable lot…

This unusual video promoting Polo Power has been sent to WrestleShark.

Who will be the first guest to step into the Polo Lounge on August 5th when the lunatics of ICW come back to The Garage in Glasgow on the 5th of August?

Also advertised for the show is the Official Community vs Team ICW in a Glasgow Streetfight. Team ICW, consisting of Jimmy Havoc, The Bucky Boys, Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester, have vowed to rid Insane Championship Wrestling of the corruptive influence of “family entertainment” once and for all at the show, and looking at their line up, it’s easy to believe.

Don’t rule out the Official Community just yet however. Fans of ICW will know that, personal feelings aside, Feerick, Maverick and Rage are not to be taken lightly as they have racked up a series of impressive encounters against some of the very best. While they are relatively new to ICW, fans of UK wrestling will know that Mr O’Connor and Mr Musso are two of the most established names on the scene right now, with a plethora of titles and accolades to their name.

Will ICW do what they do best and commit unspeakable acts of violence or will the villainous community tame the insane asylum and make the show a family friendly environment?

Last but not least, don’t forget the main event: Red Lightning defends his ICW Heavyweight Championship against Grado.
Last week we had a chance to catch up with Grado in an exclusive interview in The Shark Tank (Which can be found by clicking HERE along with interviews from Mark Dallas, Nicola Storm, The Wee Man and Mikey Whiplash) and he assured us that he is not a joke, defiantly stating that “the pressure is all on him…if he loses, it’s the worst night of his life.”

Will the plucky underdog who has taken the nation by storm be able to do the impossible? Or will the dastardly Red Lightning turn back the challenge and consign the Cinderella story back to a fairytale.

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