Source Wrestling Results: June 30

Source Wrestling Results; June 30th, Hamilton

As the stars of Source made their first appearance in Hamilton’s Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre, the night was filled with the bets in Scottish wrestling action as champions retained their crown, scores were settled and a Scottish wrestling legend make an impact!

The night started off with a bang with our very own Pride Champion Dickie Divers putting his title on the line against Nathan Black. The challengers size and strength proved difficult for the champion to tackle, but soon enought he champions quick feet gained the advantage and as Black was knocked cold, Divers opted to end the match in style with a swanton for the pin!

As one WMD member tasted defeat, the other watched at ringside waiting for his moment. Initially scheduled to fight in the ‘Champions Choice‘ match, the Bomb was forced to pull out of the event as he was not medically cleared due to an eye infection. Back at Beith we saw him go to extreme lengths to let us all know that he wanted a title shot, and his match in Hamilton was his chance to get it!

It seemed though that Bomb had a back up plan; Glen Dunbar. Despite being a smaller opponent than Bob, Dunbar can out-wrestle pretty much anyone and seemed the perfect fit to take on Diver’s pick, Mike Musso! As Bomb watched from ringside, unable to interfere, he watched as Dunbar cheated his way to victory as he blasted dust into Musso’s eyes for the win.

With Dunbar winning on Bomb’s behalf, Bomb versus Divers is now on the cards! But we have to wonder, with Dunbar’s very obvious selfish streak, what did Bomb promise the Lowland Superstar for this massive favour?

Closing the first half, fans gave a heroes welcome to the legendary Drew McDonald as he made his way to the ring to take on Alex Cavanagh. Having gone through a major transition, Cavanagh left behind his ‘court jester’ persona of Mark Stevens and stopped performing for laughs when he stepped up to the challenge of the 30-year veteran, and he was all business as Cavanagh started the match attacking McDonald from behind and laying in a harsh series of strikes to the Highlander!

We saw a whole new man in Cavanagh as he viciously attacked McDonald’s knees and strived to wear the legend down, but Mcdonald’s vast experience wrestling worldwide allowed him to gain the advantage and put the challenger down with brutal payback!

Hamilton’s hometown hero had success as he gained a pin fall over Pride contender Mark Anthony to massive cheers from the crowd before mixed tag action had the fans in attendance in a frenzy as Damian O’Conor, still biter from the loss in Beith to tornado, manged to even the odds managed to even the score as he kept the masked avenger on the outside as Vyper pinned Tornado’s partner Fiona Fraser!

With a sour taste in the fans mouths, Joe Coffey managed to brighten the mood in the headline match as he made a dramatic entrance to tackle former NWA Ireland tag champion Danny Butler!

The rise of Joe Coffey has been hard to ignore, especially this year! After headlining the SWA-W3L joint show Clash of the Titans against NJPW star Fergal Devitt – undoubtedly a career highlight for the Source original – he got more amazing news when he was invited to train at the Zero1 Dojo in Japan! With the SWA Champion quickly dominating Scotland and soon ready to showcase his skills in Japan, we wanted to give Joe something different to send him off in style!

It’s safe to say that Joe was heavily influenced and inspired by men like Devitt and it’s looking very likely that he’s set to follow in his footsteps. So as we head to Hamilton, we’ve arranged a trat for Joe as he’s set to tackle one of Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey’s former students; Danny Butler!

A former NWA Ireland tag team champion, Butler is no stranger to Coffey. Back in April the two met at a seminar run by SWA Star Paul Tracey alongside Mr Nakamura of Zero1. With both men having the experience and knowledge from some legends of the ring passed onto them, fans in Hamilton reaped the benefits as these two fine athletes went toe to toe, hold for hold and gave everything they had to gain the upper hand!

After knocking each other cold with a double cross body, Coffey fired up and hit everything in his arsenal against Butler, but the Irishman refused to stay down until Coffey hit him with a second discus for the pin, to the fans utter delight!

Quick Results;
– Dickie Divers defeated Nathan Black to retain the Pride Championship
– Glen Dunbar defeated Mike Musso on behalf of John ‘The Bomb’ Graham
– Drew McDonald defeated Alex Cavanagh
– James Scott defeated Mark Anthony
– Vyper & Damian O’Conor defeated Tornado & Fiona Fraser
– Joe Coffey defeated Danny Butler

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