Source Wrestling July 21: John “The Bomb” Graham vs Dickie Divers for the Pride of Scotland Championship

The following provided courtesy of Source Wrestling.

Earlier this year John ‘The bomb’ Graham made his feelings clear about not being included in the Pride Championship tournament and he snapped, taking his frustrations out on the Pride Champion himself! But now, Bomb’s time has come…

John ‘The Bomb’ Graham challenges Dickie Divers for the Pride Championship
After the events in Beith that led to bomb attacking Divers, the champion made a challenge; beat a challener of the champions choice and he’d get a title shot. Lose and he’d have to start at the bottom of the ladder. When the champions challenge came at Hamilton on June 30th, Bomb was ready to go, but the GM pulled him from the show due to a serious infection that led to a warning not to compete from his doctor.

But it seemed though that Bomb had a back up plan; Glen Dunbar. Despite being a smaller opponent than Bomb, Dunbar can out-wrestle pretty much anyone and seemed the perfect fit to take on Diver’s pick, Mike Musso! As Bomb watched from ringside, unable to interfere, he watched as Dunbar cheated his way to victory as he blasted dust into Musso’s eyes for the win.

After defeating Bomb’s tag team partner, Nathan Black, in yet another in a long line of victories, Divers braced himself for the Bomb and after winning in style by knocking Black cold before hitting the swanton, the champion gave his blessing for Bomb’s substitute to count in his challenge!

Divers quick feet, fast thinking and boyish charms have all came together to give him amazing momentum in Source. for more than a year now Divers has taken on every challenge with skill and grace, even going as far as putting himself up against the odds to test himself! He’s proven himself time and time against to be a worthy champion and has given the new-born title prestige with every victory.

In the other corner, Bomb has also gained a lot of momentum, having gained several tag team titles across the country due to his un-matched strength and power. But so far, that dominance hasn’t found him any singles gold… yet! Could Bomb find himself with his first singles title win in Bridgeton? Or will Divers streak continue?

But we have to wonder, with Dunbar having battled on Bomb’s very obvious selfish streak, what did Bomb promise the Lowland Superstar for this massive favour?

See this and much more as we return to Bridgeton Community Centre on Saturday July 21st with much more action to be announced. Doors will open at 6:30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm.

Tickets: £10 Adult,
£8 Concession – Under 14 and OAP,
£25 Family (2 Adults + 2 Chidren)

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