Who is the Best in Scotland? Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide…

When attempting to answer the question as to just who is the best in Scotland, few men can provide a more comprehensive and authoritative opinion on the subject than Peter Murphy, or as he is better known: Conscience.

From running the first SWA Gathering in front of 1500 fans in the Glasgow Kelvin Hall, to negotiating with WWE over the use of the name NXT, Conscience is part of an elite few who can genuinely go down as a Scottish wrestling legend.

After walking away from the wrestling industry entirely earlier this year, very little has been heard from the “retired phenom”. In a WrestleShark exclusive however, Peter Murphy breaks down the argument in an attempt to establish just who is the best in Scotland.

“The best in Scotland?…So what you’re actually asking is who’s the best in the UK. Whether our southern brethren like it or not, Scottish wrestling is the quality benchmark for the business today in the UK. The key words here are “quality” and “business”.

We have two high quality training schools rolling out what seems like an endless supply of high standard graduates (not wrestlers I may add, a few more miles on your boots before you get that moniker I’m afraid.) These graduates have been instilled with respect, a good work ethic and a platform to learn their craft allowing them to improve as athletes and mature as performers this had led to the success of PBW, ICW, SWA and by diffusion W3L and BCW. Scottish promotions run more shows, with higher production values, bigger crowds and better venues and we do it all under an umbrella of unity, legal and moral security and self-governance that precludes the need for a wee cheeky wristband.

So on to the question in hand: the best in Scotland. This is a hard one to answer directly, are we talking biggest draw? Best value for money? Mainstream exposure? Or technical ability?

I’m an old school NWA fossil so in the argument of the best ever I will always Go Flair over Hogan because his ring work was better, he made bawbags look good and local stars appear world class. But Hogan made himself, and Vince, millions. So as far as the best goes im chickening out of a direct answer and i’ll give you a few “bests”.

Best complete package: Lionheart

Looks good, comfortable and confident on the stick. Matured enormously in the last 5 years and brings the best out of the people he works with. But Nicki Storm gives him a run for his money and ticks exactly the same boxes

Best of the New Wave: Joe Coffey

Whether they like it or not, the guys I looked at as rookies are the old guard now and there’s a new breed of wrestler out there. Better technically, great physiques and sound work ethics. They are ready to knock on that main event spot held for a number of years by Lionheart, Wolfgang, BT Gunn and Liam Thompson. Joe is a beast and once he gets more comfortable on the stick he will be the next big thing.

Best Tag Team:Fight Club

Ask me again in 6 months this might be a different answer. WMD’s (John ‘The Bomb’ Graham and Nathan Black) are getting there, they just need to scrape off a bit more green and I’m loving A&E (Adam Shame and Eric Canyon) which has given a much needed revamp to Adam and Eric, but Fight Club are a class act. It’s difficult for tag teams to get much outside their own turf because of the costs involved and you just have to look at the volume of work FC get down south and abroad to justify that they are something special.

And with that we move on to the Quick fire round

Best mentalists

Chris Renfrew – Chris has finally found his home which is fantastic. I have never met someone with so much raw talent.

Jam O’Malley – long way to go in the ring but so much better than he was and always entertaining. Dixie or Vince may never come knocking at his door but I’d pay to see him (there would have to be other people there like.)

Jack Jester – another of the old guard that has found a new lease of life in ICW. Every year gets better and better and keeps reinventing himself.

Ones to watch

Noam dar – depending when this gets posted this one to watch might not be a one to watch any more, he will probably be elevated to genuine star.

WMD’s – big angry ugly men beating up smaller less angry men. What’s not to love?

Jackie Polo – the best natural heel I’ve ever seen. Oozes confidence and has the “hate me genetic code”. Good nick, decent on the mic and engages the crowd.

Well that’s it from me

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing.

PJ Murphy