Who is the Best in Scotland? Source Wrestling Promoter James Tyler Joins the Debate

It seems the debate over who is the absolute best in Scotland today simply refuses to go away. In the aftermath of PBW’s Ross Watson and SWA/W3L’s Damian O’Connor making their opinions on the subject known, the man behind Source Wrestling, James Tyler has joined the debate.

“Without a doubt, the best Scotland has right now is Whiplash. It might seem a biased opinion as he’s SWA’s champion, but his ability, character work and experience shines through in the ring and outside that he’s done wonders in challenging trainees he’s taught. He’s a hugely valuable asset and Scotland as a whole is damned lucky to have him with us. It’s really no surprise that he quickly stole the spotlight, storming into SWA’s main event scene and being a huge highlight for ICW.

I only hope that Whiplash gaining a big presence so quickly in Scottish wrestling helps motivate our home grown talent to up heir game to they can really shine as we’ve been breeding some of the best wrestlers in the UK for a good few years now.

From our home grown talent, Joe Coffey comes out on top for me. He covers all the bases. You look at him and you see a tank. As soon as you see him walk through the curtain you see strength, power, dominance, aggression and energy. Then he gets in the ring and you see something wonderful; a guy that can smash you to pieces, and a guy who can has some of the best pure wrestling skills in the country. He’s not even reached his prime yet and already all eyes are on him. He’s so naturally gifted and so fiercely dedicated it’s unbelievable and there’s no limit to how he can push himself.

Granted, again it might sound biased as I work with SWA and run Source Wrestling – Joe’s wrestling home – but seriously, how many guys get invited to Zero1, one of the toughest wrestling environments there is? And how many can look like a boss going up against a guy like Fergal Devitt?

Joe Coffey is a shining example of someone who always hunts out something new to challenge himself and it’s that focus and determination that makes him the absolute best in my eyes. For whatever my opinions worth, he’s head and shoulders above almost every other performer in Scotland.

Though in fairness, Nikki Storm is pretty high on my list for obvious reasons (I’ll let your podcast hits do the talking there!) as she is hands down the best female wrestler in the country and there are other great talents out there like Damo O’Conor, Liam Thomson, BT Gunn, Jester and a lot of the non-Scots who have contributed greatly to wrestling in this country like Johnny Moss and Paul Tracey.

Whoever wins out in the end though, it’s safe to say there’s nowhere better than Scotland for wrestling in the UK.”

While Mikey Whiplash has now received the nod from two major players in the Scottish scene, the debate is still wide open. Never forget that this debate has barely left the West of Scotland, with a plethora of talent yet unexamined.

Stay tuned as this develops…


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