Who is the Best in Scotland? PBW Owner Ross Watson Weighs in on the Debate

Following yesterday’s article raising the question of who is the best wrestler in Scotland, we have been inundated with messages and emails of fans and performers alike, each making their own pitch for who they believe should take the crown.

In the midst of the chaos however, we were able to catch up with owner of Premier British Wrestling, Ross Watson to gage his opinion on the delicate subject matter.

Watson, better known to many as the infamous Kid Fite, is a seasoned veteran in his own right whom many believe has a legitimate claim to the very prize in question. Taking a step back from the limelight however, and emphasising that he means no disrespect to any workers in the country, he gave his thoughts on several individuals he believes to be the cream of the crop in today’s wrestling scene.

“My opinion is there is a pool of about 10 wrestlers in Scotland all of whom are on the same level and bring something different to a show but for me to pick who I thought was better, I couldnt as some are better at different styles than others etc.

Guys like Lionheart, Noam Dar, Andy Wild, Fight Club and Davey Blaze are doing well at raising exposure for Scottish wrestling by working hard to get bookings in England and the rest of Europe with Fight Club getting great reviews in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Lionheart has received a lot of media from the back of working for WWE and TNA in the same year, an accomplishment that he and everyone in Scottish wrestling should be really proud of. Also Dar is finding himself in some big match environments with guys such as Eddie Edwards, AJ Styles, Davey Richards plus more. The fact that so many promoters trust him with these matches speaks volumes of his talent and from everyone currently working in the Scottish scene he would be my pick as the one who will have a contact in America or Japan in the next 5 years.

Other guys who don’t seem to be putting a foot wrong these days are James Scott, BT Gunn, TJ Rage, Wolfgang, Jack Jester and Joe Coffey.

I also think if they were to develop the gym attitude of Dar, Wild and Blaze that Stevie Xavier and Chris Rampage could go very far in this business as both are super talented.

As far as the girls go I think Carmel and Kay Lee Ray are our best shot at getting a Scottish female into WWE or TNA as they both have the complete package in my opinion and the fact they are so in demand down south and in Europe shows that other promoters share my opinion.”

How far do you agree with Watson’s opinion of the industry today? One thing is certain, this debate is far from over. Stay tuned for more…

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