A Winter Storm: Nikki Storm Calls Out TNA Knockout

Nikki Storm, who many have been calling the best in Europe for some time now, has officially called out former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Winter (Katie Lee) to a match at the Pro-Wrestling Eve Special Edition on July 14.

In a five minute tirade, Storm declared that she doesn’t want to fight the “incestuous gimmick” or the “crazy characters”, she wants to fight the woman who was once the best in Europe: Katrina Walters.

It has been hard to overlook the success of Storm as of late, as she has single handedly run roughshod over every competitor in her path (including current Pro Wrestling Eve Champion, the Alpha Female) but has she gone too far? Is Nikki Storm ready for an opponent of this caliber? Or has she rushed into a confrontation that could wash away all her hard work?

Is Winter coming?

The full video can be found below.