The Highlander from Hell comes to Source Wrestling

Source Wrestling have announced that Scottish wrestling legend Drew McDonald will be making a very special guest appearance at their upcoming show on Saturday 30th June at the Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre in Hamilton. Even more exciting, McDonald has hand picked his opponent for the evening: Source Wrestling Academy graduate Alex Cavanagh. While it is an honour to be chosen, WrestleShark has to wonder how long it will be before the “privilege” wears off, and Cavanagh realises that he now has to contend with the ‘Highlander from Hell’. Only time will tell.

Also announced for the show, James Scott will go one on one with Mark Anthony, alongside John “The Bomb” Graham accepting a challenge of Dickie Divers Choosing.

Tickets are priced £12 Adult, £10 Concession and £25 for a family of four. Full details can be found below.

The following provided courtesy of Source Wrestling:

When it comes to Scottish wrestling legends, there is one man who stands head and shoulders at the top of the list. Having wrestled across the world, Drew McDonald has become a true legend and in the early 2000’s helped to kick start Scottish wrestling, becoming the point of origin for everything that has come since then. Having recently led a training session at the Source Wrestling School, it’s an absolute honour to have drew McDonald back as he steps between the ropes to headline Source Wrestling’s first trip to Hamilton on June 30th!

Making a special guest appearance in Source Wrestling, Drew McDonald will tackle one of the Source Graduates, giving fans in attendance a rare chance to see one of the legends of British wrestling!

’Highlander from Hell’ Drew McDonald versus Alex Cavanagh

Having had a hugely successful career in his nearly three-decades of wrestling, Drew McDonald has toured the world several times over and wrestled the very best of the best. Having made his debut in 1983, it only took a year for the Highander to become part of Joint Promotions, a promotion that dominated the UK nationwide through the 80’s. Since then he has built a legacy, rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented and famed wrestlers os every era he’s worked through and as time has passed, his aggression and strength has only grown stronger leading to a dominant reign as All Star Wrestling’s British Champion in 2006.

Here in Scotland, McDonald opened the door for us all! With his lasting legacy as our champion, he revived the title in 2002 and entered into a battle with former SWA star Peter Murphy, setting the stage for the revival of Scottish Wrestling, an internationally recognised Scottish Champion and started a series of events that has seen this countries wrestling scene booming in the past decade.

The legends opponent for the night might seem like an unfamiliar name, but long time fans will know that Alex Cavanagh has seen his share of action in Scottish wrestling. After making several appearances, Cavanagh would often mimic and pay tributes to his favourite wrestlers with his last appearance on Source being a nod to a current international champion! We last saw Cavanagh under the alias ‘Classic Mark Stevens’ and performing for laughs more than for victory. But when Drew McDonald visited the Source Wrestling School earlier this year, he saw potential in the young wrestler and offered advice; always fight to win.

Since then Cavanagh has been taking McDonald’s advice and has since stopped playing the fool for laughs. On June 30th he’ll appear in the ring for the first time, not as the court jester, but as his true self and as he steps between the ropes and comes face to face against one of the greatest this country has ever seen, he has one aim; He plans to win.


When it comes to modern icons of Scottish Wrestling, James Scott is high on the list. Having gained several high profile singles and tag team titles over his career, he’s one of the most decorated champions this country has ever seen. He made a huge impact as half of T2K and a member of the A List back in 2005 when he part part of a hostile takeover of SWA’s tag team division and later on made several high profile appearances at the Gathering Supershows.

While he appears more regularly for our partners at SWA, recently reuniting with his T2K partner Wolfgang to challenge for the Undisputed Scottish Tag Championship, Scott isn’t entirely unfamiliar to Source. At the tail end of last year, Scott injected himself into the Price Championship tournament leaving his mark on the Source roster.

Scott will find himself locking up with a man who’s strength and ability is only overshadowed by his ego. Sir Mark Anthony is a young aristocrat with the money to give himself the best training in the ring, the best personal trainers to enhance his physique and a squadron of sports therapists and assistants to aid him in his goals between the ropes. With his wealth and determination, Anthony has sculpted himself into his image of perfection and refuses to settle for second best.

With Scott’s experience and high-impact moves influenced by his MMA training in recent years going up against Anthony’s fast, hard training to perfection, this pairing will make for an explosive battle as Scott’s backlog of success and ever rising skill goes up against Anthony’s picture perfect style and the best training money can buy.

Also announced for the night; The Legendary patriarch of Scottish Wrestling Drew McDonald takes on Source Wrestling School graduate Alex Cavanagh; John ‘The Bomb’ Graham takes on a challenges of Dickie Divers choosing to be announced in the following week and much more including Pride Champion Dickie Divers, newcomer Fiona Fraser, Glen Dunbar, Tornado and more!

See this and much more at Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre, Whitehill, Hamilton on Saturday June 30th. Doors will open at 6:30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm. Tickets will be available on the door priced £12 Adult, £10 Concession and £25 for a family of four. Visit for ticket and venue information.