Breaking News: ICW comes to WWN IPPV

Just hours after it was officially announced that OfCom had banned Insane Championship Wrestling from being broadcast on MyChannel, company owner Mark Dallas has officially announced that the company will be coming to IPPV. ICW are officially available on the WWN Live service, the same company who bring you DGUSA and Evolve, uncensored and worldwide.

ICW’s next show ‘Insane in the Membrane’, which will feature an appearance by the legendary Drew McDonald will take place on July 1st from the Garage nightclub in Glasgow. Tickets can be purchased from the Solid Rock Cafe and The Bay.
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Below is the official statement of Mark Dallas.


ICW can now confirm Scottish wrestlings first iPPV is available NOW worldwide and completely uncensored!


‘ICW 1: Up In Smoke’ is on line and you can buy this full event for $9.99(£6.49). Once you buy the PPV on you can watch it as many times as you want for an unlimited time.

WWN which is ran by Sal Hamaoui and Gabe Sapolsky and also has Dragon Gate USA and Evolve iPPVs on offer. ICW is proud to be a part of this site and once again able to be uncensored and left alone to do what we do best.

Our next iPPV will be ICW: Insane In The Membrane! and that will be recorded on July 1st at The Garage and released on line two weeks later. Our next iPPV following that will be ICW 3: Hadouken featuring Wolfgang Vs. Fergal Devitt.

I urge all ICW fans to post this on their facebook, twitter(#ICWPPV) and any other forums or sites you can think of.

No more being on the sky guide but no show airing, no more wrong episodes airing, no more staying up to a messed up hour to see your favorite promotion, no more adverts airing during our actually show(seriously, that happened!) and no more censorship.

Just ICW, on demand, when you want it!

Long live Insane Championship Wrestling,
Mark Dallas
Managing Director of Insane Championship Wrestling Ltd.