ICW: Smells Like Teen Spirit 26/2/12 Review

ICW: Smells Like Teen Spirit 26/2/12 Review


Insane Championship Wrestling is known for its wild crowds and brutal wrestling action. Smells Like Teen Spirit was a prime example of a show put on by a promotion hitting its stride. Billy Kirkwood opened the TV taping by riling up the hot and hostile crowd in the sold out Garage nightclub in Glasgow before Red Lightning made his way to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Red Lightning def. Johnny Moss

Lightning gave a declaration of intent that he would be rising above the status of “mid-card jobber” by becoming a future ICW Heavyweight Champion and enraged the crowd with his arrogance. Johnny Moss entered the ring to make sure Lightning made good on his claims. Despite Lightning’s World of Sport-inspired wrestling prowess, the power and athleticism of Moss soon took the advantage with a series of brutal moves including an array of suplexes and a Gorilla press slam into the crowd. It looked as though Moss would take the win after a tombstone piledriver but this was not to be the case as The Gold Label’s Wolfgang interfered, delivering a piledriver of his own to Moss onto a steel chair and draping Red Lightning over an unconscious Moss for the victory.

The Bucky Boys & Chris Renfrew (w/ the Wee Man & Lambrinii) def. Dickie Divers & The Coffeys (w/Sara)

Dickie Divers enlisted the help of the Coffey brothers to take out the popular Bucky Boys. When the Boys’ music hit, the crowd went pure mental to the chants of “Here we, here we, here we f*ckin’ go!” The Wee Man took the mic and drove the crowd into a frenzy before introducing “the man who gave Whitney Houston her last hit”: Chris Renfrew. The Coffeys proved a match for the powerful Davey Boy and Renfrew, trading high impact moves and some of the stiffest clotheslines in Scotland, courtesy of Renfrew. Among the highlights of the match were an astounding standing shooting star press by Stevie Boy and the inevitable catfight between Sara and Lambrinii. The Bucky Boys & Renfrew overcame the odds and defeated Divers’ team with a Stunner and a pile-up pin on Divers and had a wild celebration with the fans. No champagne here folks, just Buckfast Abbey’s finest. After the match, Divers berated the Coffeys, who refused to stand for his nonsense and delivered a brutal double team beat down to the delight of the sold-out Glasgow crowd.

Max Mayhem vs Jamie Feerick ruled a No Contest

What was supposed to be a showcase of two rising performers quickly became a destruction sight courtesy of Mr Euan G. Mackie’s monstrous Kevan. Neither competitor had a chance against the beast as Mackie watched on, gleefully taunting them as his masked monster chokeslammed and mercilessly beat the two. The referee was forced to declare this match a no contest. After an impressive unofficial debut at January’s Square Go, Kevan has continued his path of destruction. However, we have yet to see Kevan in a sanctioned match so the question remains: Who can stop Kevan?

James Scott def. Falcon

After the no contest it was refreshing to see two experienced wrestlers just going at it. Scott and Falcon provided a mix of both technical wrestling and brawling on the outside. The high-flying Falcon was grounded by Scott for much of this affair yet he valiantly fought back for some near falls and even escaped what looked like an attempt at a Go 2 Sleep by grapevining the arm of Scott. Falcon nearly took the win with a crucifix reverse slam. However, Scott managed to pick up the win with a nasty-looking Vertebreaker. The most surprising part of this match was the lack of interference from the Gold Label, showing that the members of this faction can get the job done on their own when they have to.

Wolfgang def. Lionheart & Kid Fite in a Three-Way Dance

The Three-Way Dance was one of the matches of the night and featured three bona fide main eventers battling it out. Wolfgang’s entrance was met with teabags raining down from the crowd, with the infuriated Wolfgang batting them away with a badminton racquet. The ICW crowd are unwilling to let him forget the infamous “tea-bagging” incident between Wolfie and Kid Fite. With the teabags cleared from the ring, the match began with each competitor taking turns with the advantage. Naturally, the brawling between the three could not be contained within the ring and the fight was taken to ringside often. Wolfgang took the advantage and looked to exact some revenge on Kid Fite by tea-bagging him but Lionheart interrupted his attempt with a low-blow from behind. This allowed Fite to gather his bearings and it was déjà vu for Wolfgang as Lionheart stepped aside to allow Fite to deliver yet another tea-bagging to Wolfgang. However, Wolfgang had the last laugh as Gold Label interference led to a piledriver to Lionheart onto a chair for the victory. A Gold Label beatdown began only for Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn to make the save.

William Grange def. Paul Tracey

The STI’s William Grange took on Paul Tracey after the intermission. Tracey had recently returned from a tour of Japan and the brought strong-style back with him. Unfortunately, WrestleShark were interviewing Red Lightning at this point so we missed most of the match. Grange was able to pick up the victory over Tracey, who received a warm round of applause from the ICW crowd, after a match full of outside interference from Sara.

Andy Wild def. Johnny Starr, Scott Maverick, TJ Rage, Christopher and Liam Thomson in a 6-way Zero-G No. 1 Contender’s Match

The crowd ate up this next match as it featured several rising stars in the ICW. The people were all over Christopher and his manager James R. Kennedy with chants of “Justin Bieber” ringing out in the Garage. The tag-in rule was abandoned very quickly as all of the athletes could not contain themselves from attacking each other. Bodies were flying all over the place including a huge dive from the underdog Johnny Starr onto the other five men from the top rope to the outside. Providing a counterpoint to the many high-flyers was TJ Rage, a powerhouse who, with Charles Boddington at his side, seems hungry to rise up the ranks. At one point, Scott Maverick looked to pick up the win with a devastating spinning cutter to Liam Thomson, but it was Andy Wild who would overcome the other five men to pick up the victory. For any fans of fast-paced, gravity-defying action, this match is a must-see. After the match, the huge John “The Bomb” Graham entered the ring and laid waste to Johnny Starr. This statement by The Bomb must surely put the entire ICW locker room on notice.

Mikey Whiplash (w/ Lolita) def. Carmel & Kaylee Ray in an Intergender Handicap Match

Former opponents Carmel and Kaylee Ray teamed up to take on the cross-dressing Mikey Whiplash in what may have been one of the most bizarre matches the Shark has ever seen. Whiplash had no qualms about putting his hands on the two women, who proved their toughness by giving Whiplash a series of stiff strikes and offense. It was unclear near the beginning of the match whether or not Ray and Carmel would be able to stay on the same page due to their history but they managed to form an extremely effective team. Much to the chagrin of the live crowd, they ripped off Whiplash’s mini-skirt to reveal a black leather thong underneath. The most bizarre, yet hilarious, part of this match saw Whiplash tied upside down in the Tree of Woe while Carmel pulled Lolita by the legs crotch-first into Whiplash’s face. From the Tree of Woe, with Lolita out of the way, Carmel then held a steel chair in front of Whiplash’s face for Kaylee Ray to hit a diving foot stomp. However, this was not enough to put the seasoned Whiplash away proving that despite his appearance, Mikey Whiplash is still a tough, seasoned athlete. Whiplash ended up using Lolita’s interference and his own physical prowess to take the victory, pinning Carmel, and the bizarre pair carried their defeated opponents to the back.

BT Gunn def. Jack Jester to retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship

The main event saw two close friends physically destroy each other in the quest for the ICW Heavyweight Title. After an exhausting show, the ICW faithful still had plenty of energy for this bloodbath, with equally fierce chants for both Gunn and Jester. Despite their friendship, these two went at it tooth and nail from the beginning. It began with trades of wrestling holds, with each man looking like equals, but soon they would end up brawling all over the Garage. The bout saw Gunn being thrown into a punch-bag game and a vicious elbow drop from the bar by Jester, proving again that he is the most insane man in Insane Championship Wrestling. The crowd went wild when Jester brought out the bag of thumb tacks (which he ended up being slammed onto) and battered Gunn with a steel chair. However, the point that truly turned the match around in Jester’s favour was when he took the corkscrew to the head of Gunn, turning Booty’s face into a crimson mask. The beating would once again take the men to the outside and what happened next truly has to be seen to be believed. In what will certainly go down as one of the most infamous moments in ICW history, the two men made their way up the stairs to the balcony and after a brief struggle, BT Gunn was hurled off the balcony by Jack Jester into the crowd. The sight of this had this reporter screaming “Holy Sh*t!” along with all of the rabid ICW fans. Somehow, though, despite the most hellacious beating he has ever received, Booty made a spectacular comeback, with the fans fully behind him, to take the victory with the help of his steel chair. This was a truly special match and a spectacular way to end the show.

With shows like this, it is no wonder that ICW has managed to secure a TV deal with My Channel (Sky ch.219 – Friday night at 1am) and has become the hottest promotion in Scotland right now.

Dave Thomson, Deputy Editor & VP.