“The Butcher” Scott Renwick Speaks To Wrestle Shark

Ahead of SWA Rebirth this Saturday, 25/03/12, in the Paisley Town Hall, Wrestle Shark spoke with the former NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion, Scott “The Butcher” Renwick about his start in the industry, being in the main event and his plans for the future.

Name: ‘The Butcher’ Scott Renwick
Home Town: Livingston
Finishing Maneuver: Angels Wings (sit down pedigree), punt

How did you get started in wrestling?

Ive been a huge fan of wrestling since as long as I can remember. I was watching a WWE pay-per-view one night in 2004, my mate said to me “I want to do that”. I said if he found the place, I’d go with him. we went to sleep at 5am; 9am he came into the room and told me we werre starting in April 2004. We went, and here I am now.

You came to into your own as part of BMW: what do you think made you work so well as a team?
We’re best mates, we like hanging out with each other. Once ya hang out with someone long enough ya kinda start to think the same ways. I think that’s what made us a good team. We both want the same things!

Do you prefer singles or tag wrestling?
I prefer both, I love the feeling of being singles because all the focus would be on me. But tag team wrestling is always fun, any time to hang out with Damo as BMW is always a good thing.

What is your favourite venue in Scotland?
That’s a tough one, the Kelvin Hall is a favourite of mine for the memories. Clydebank town hall has always been a favourite of mine too.

Favorite opponent?

I have a few of these. Eric Canyon, he brings out the bast of me. Liam Thomson, I always have a great match with him, I’ve had hundreds of them. Glen Dunbar, because he’s awesome.

Who would you still like to face?
From Japan – Fergal Devitt
From the UK – Johnny Moss/ Paul Tracy

How far afield have you been able to travel in wrestling?
So far I’ve only made it as far as England, one day I may travel about.

You went on to become the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion: how did that come about? Was it the highlight of your career?
That night was without a doubt the highlight of my career. I won the SWA Battlezone, which is one of SWA’s main shows. That gave me the right to be in the main event of The Gathering 3 as the challenger for the NWA Scottish Heavyweight title. Between roughly April (Battlezone) and September, I lost the chance to be main event to Wolfgang.
I had to start again. At The Gathering I was part of a ‘money in the bank’ championship Scramble Match, which I won. I then went on to the main event where I cashed the money in the bank, making the main event a triple threat, against Wolfgang and Lionheart. When I won the title, the buzz from the crowd was incredible. There was even a curtain call where all the guys came out and cheered me. I don’t think I could ever match that feeling, anywhere, or ever again.

Was there an added pressure at being on top of the card?
There was some added pressure, for myself anyway. Ive went through my life and career proving people wrong all the time. I liked that, it gave me goals, a lot of people didn’t think I could deal with the pressure and be a good champion. I thought I did pretty well. I kept it for a record breaking year and a half; I had more title defences than anyone else who ever held the Scottish title. I have been told by a lot of people that I could quite possibly be one of the best champs ever. Some of the matches I had were the best of my career.
I want that feeling back, I’ll do anything I need to to get it back…

You recently went from being one of the most loved men on the Scottish circuit to turning on the fans; what prompted this change?
It all started in February at the Gathering 4. I was in the steel cage against my long time enemy Eric Canyon, with Peter ‘Conscience’ Murphy as special guest referee. I did a dive off the top of the cage, missing Eric Canyon. I got up and charged towards Eric. Peter decided to help him and attacked me. Screwing me out of my title.

From that day onward, I wasn’t able to focus much on anything. I started walking out of matches and sometimes not even turning up. One time when I did turn up in Govan, I went out onto the stage, looked at my opponent, then turned back and went back through the curtain. That was the first time i ever heard a boo coming my way from an SWA crowd. That’s what cracked me.
The next night, all I can say is, Erin Angel was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wanted Nikki Storm, I was taking her. I’m not letting anyone in on what I’m doing next!

What do you view as the “next step” in your career?
I want the NWA title back. For now, that is my main aim…my only aim. I will be back at the top again.

“The Butcher” will compete this Saturday, 25/3 at the Paisley Town Hall in SWA Rebirth.

Doors 6.30pm,
Showtime 7pm Tickets: £12 Adult, £10 Concession – Under 14 and OAP, £30 Family (2 Adults+2 Chidren).

For more information, go to http://www.scottishwrestling.co.uk.

Simon Cassidy
CEO and Editor of Wrestle Shark Media